Returning to the podcast after being featured in a standout episode last season, actor, writer and feature film director Chris Naoki Lee expressed his excitement about making a meaningful return. Lee’s feature directorial debut, Dinner Party, has been drawing significant buzz across the festival circuit (including positive reception at SCAD Savannah Film Festival, Portland Film Festival and Studio City Film Festival in L.A.). Through some clever coordination, we pitched a fun idea: Why not bring some of the key cast along for the conversation? Imani Hakim, Kara Wang, Kausar Mohammed and Allison Paige answered the call in kind and convened with us in Culver City to join in on the fun.

The result was a “Hyphen in Hollywood” podcast first: a passionate, introspective actors’ roundtable-style discussion sharing insights from the creative process with a particular emphasis on the complex themes addressed in the film, and a discerning focus on the female perspective which is deeply integral to the film. 

Full article and podcast below.