Over 25 years, Chris has learned a wide array of skills within the entertainment industry, and he is excited to share his knowledge through the form of individual coaching. He has been coaching actors’ individually as well as through workshops or pop-in semesters, while occasionally teaching through his Alma Mater at New York University. Although his general focus is with actors, he has taught a different range of individuals like entrepreneurs, business associates, and influencers, all in the hopes of helping them find their most authentic and present self. Although critical thinking and scene/meeting analysis is key, Chris’ focus is primarily in body work and vocal breath. With different forms of technique such as Suzuki or breathing styles, Chris taps into the artists’ inner strength through the breath and hyper-focused core initiation. Understanding that everyone’s needs are different, Chris properly aligns his method with the individual so each coaching session always remains unique. If you’re interested for a quick chat to discuss your next steps, feel free to reach out or DM Chris!