Born and raised in Los Angeles, Chris Naoki Lee is a Japanese/Chinese American artist who is often on all sides of the entertainment medium. He has most recently written and directed his feature film directorial debut DINNER PARTY. With a BFA from New York University’s Tisch Drama, Chris can be spotted on TV and streaming, recently guest starring in NCIS: Hawaii and wrapping a season-long arc playing Ken Uehara on the critically acclaimed AMC series, THE TERROR. He’s recurred on shows like Apple TV+ MYTHIC QUEST, the Amazon series TOO OLD TO DIE YOUNG and JEAN CLAUDE VAN JOHNSON, and has written and directed digital series to viral shorts. Chris also coaches those looking to work on the different skill sets that make one not only a well balanced actor, but a well balanced individual as well. Whether he teaches at pop up workshops or at his old alma mater, Chris always find ways to improve his craft while producing content that expands his artistic influences. So when the rest of the world is asleep, Chris continues to work to change it.